Technology can drive thousands of new supply chain jobs

A MINI resources boom will inject $74 billion into the economy and create 80,000 new jobs in the sector over the next decade if new technology is embraced and developed locally, an industry report has revealed.

The Courier-Mail is reporting the paper will tout that automation, analytics and robots can be used to create a new wave of jobs in the resources sector, instead of being job-killers they are often seen as.

But the report warns that if the new technology is handled wrong and strong local supply chains aren’t developed it will instead put 265,000 jobs and $32 billion at risk.

According to the Staying Ahead of the Game report, a joint report of National Energy Resources Australia and METS Ignited, the jobs will not only come from developing and supplying new automation technology to the mining industry, but in the advancements helping companies to expand.

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