Special offer for new MESCA members

The Mining and Energy Services Council of Australia (MESCA) is committed to maximising the opportunities for mining and energy supply chain companies.
We work hard to ensure our members have an early insight into the mining and energy projects coming online throughout Australia. We do this through a monthly project report highlighting 50 projects from across the country as well as a series of Project Briefing and Networking events. The 2019 briefing schedule (with confirmed presenters to date) is:

  • Brisbane, Feb 19 (Adani: Carmichael Project)
  • Perth, Mar 19 (Galena: Abra Project)
  • Brisbane, Apr 30 (Armour Energy: Kincora Gas Project and Origin: Project updates)
  • Newcastle, May 29
  • Brisbane, Jun 26 (Pembroke: Olive Downs Project)
  • Townsville, Jul 22 (Multicom: Saint Elmo Project and Australian Mines: Sconi Project)
  • Perth, Aug 28
  • Brisbane, Sep 25
  • Adelaide, Oct 23

MESCA members can now send two representatives to each briefing for FREE. (Non-member tickets are $175 per head).
We don’t want you to miss out, so mining and energy supply chain companies which join MESCA before January 31, 2019 will pay only $535, regardless of turnover, for a MESCA membership until June 30, 2019.
Not only will that allow you to send two representatives to five briefings for free, saving you more than $1000, you will also be entitled to a host of other member benefits, which you can check out here.
For more information about MESCA, visit www.mesca.com.au.
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