Nautitech shares safety insights

MESCA MEMBER GOOD NEWS: Nautitech are keen to share their insights in improving safety and productivity in hazardous areas.

In a recent update they shared information on the operational benefits of  using an IS lighting system. These include:

  • No special competencies or tools are required to change out a light fitting or replace a section of damaged harness
  • Improved photometric at low temperatures (from the one amp maximum demand) allows the IS lamp to run in high ambient without the need for high temperature and potentially brittle lenses
  • The CUBEx Light fittings can be retro-fitted to existing light brackets and have a low mass of 1700g compared to 7000g for a similar Ex d fitting
  • The CUBEx Light Interface Module (LIM) has a Bluetooth communications port allowing the user to program the light module via a free Windows application on a laptop

You can check out the full story here

And while you are on their site, read how they have updated their Methane Master, the leading shutdown and start up system in Australia.