CWP Renewables proposed $1.8b solar thermal power station project – Nth Qld

concentrated solar thermal power station similar to one developed in the United States has been proposed for Townsville by Australian company CWP Renewables.

Construction on the facility named ‘Freedom Energy One’ could begin as soon as Q1 2019, pending approvals with commissioning by 2021.

The site’s scope of work include –

  • civil works,
  • tracking mirror installation,
  • thermal receiver towers,
  • thermal storage tanks,
  • Piping creation, and
  • construction of a new electrical substation.

The proposal was endorsed by the Labor State Government who have pledged to fund $50 million and by development body Townsville Enterprise.

Townsville Enterprise economic policy director Michael McMillan had been approached by CWP in the months prior to their latest updates wanting to gain insight into the technology and proposal put forth.

“Until we gain further insight and detail as to the project, the site, technology and structure of the facility, we will be cautiously optimistic,” Mr McMillan said.

CWP has announced they are investigating into a 250MW capacity project but are yet to agree to use graphite or molten salt to store heat. There are three sites near Townsville being considered but is too early to give an exact location.

Concentrated Solar Thermal project has the capabilities to deliver dispatchable, emissions-free power to North Queensland according to CWP Renewables managing director Alex Hewitt.

CWP said the project had an indicative cost of $1.3 billion and would create more than 2000 jobs during a two-year construction and 50 O&M jobs thereafter.