Confidence in FNQ mining

FAR North Queensland miners are confident the region will hold fast against warnings of a discovery shortage.

The Cairns Post has reported that Geoscience Australia Mineral Systems Branch general manager Dr Richard Blewett told the Australian Geoscience Council Convention northern and regional Australia mining projects would need world-class discoveries for long-term survival.

“The (FNQ) region is rich in copper, lead, zinc, gold, tin and aluminium and is home to world-class examples at Mt Isa in the North West and Weipa on the Cape,” he said.

“The challenge facing Australia (and the world in fact) is that many of the commodities that we all rely on for our everyday lives are not being replaced by new discoveries at the rate we need.”

Dr Blewett said the industry would struggle to meet rising demand for resources such as copper.

A Rio Tinto spokeswoman said the Amrun mine project under development at Weipa would be able to survive for another 40 years of production.

“We also know we have another billion tonnes of undeveloped resources north of Weipa,” she said.

Laneway Resources exploration manager Scott Hall said new mining exploration initiatives have come back from a slump after the Global Financial Crisis.

“In the last 12-18 months, the number of geology jobs being advertised has gone back up,” he said.

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