Battery boost for North Queensland

Queensland’s first community-scale battery is being installed in Townsville to support the transition to renewables and provide back-up power to the community.

The battery will charge up on excess solar being fed into the grid during the day and be used to help out during evening peak and temporary disruptions, including storms.

The 4MW Tesla battery will be installed at Bohle Plains on Townsville’s northern outskirts in October, with design work underway now and onsite civil works scheduled for late August.

It will form part of Ergon’s virtual power plant, a high-tech control room at Ergon’s CBD headquarters.

The Virtual Power Plant has the capability to draw electricity or reduce load from contracted customers around the state to bolster supply to the NEM during peak demand.

One of Queensland’s publicly owned electricity businesses, Yurika, manages the plant.

Yurika GM Charles Rattray will present at a Mining & Energy Services Council of Australia (MESCA) Project Briefing in Townsville on July 22. 

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