32 Work packages released for Coppabella wind farm, NSW

Goldwind is seeking Expressions of Interest for 32 different work packages related to the Coppabella Wind Farm.

The packages include:

·        Provision of permanent operations and temporary construction office facilities

·        Civil Construction of onsite crane hardstands and foundations

·        Concrete supply

·        Crane Hire

·        Fencing contractors

·        Formwork and steel fixing

·        Landscape designers and landscape contractors

·        Plumbing Services

A full list of available packages can be found on the project’s ICN Gateway webpage.

Goldwind has indicated it will appoint two major subcontractors – the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Balance of Plant (BoP) contractors.

The Coppabella Wind Farm is located about 30km west of Yass.

The project is expected to employ 150 to 200 staff during construction peaks and approximately 10 to 15 permanent staff when fully operational.

Source: Projectory