$160m contract extension secured at Blackwater mine in Qld

A mining contract has been granted an extension to three years at Blackwater, Queensland.

US-based Coronado Curragh Pty Ltd (Coronado) has granted a $160 million contract extension to CIMIC Group member Thiess for the continuation of mining services at Queensland’s Curragh Coal Mine.

The full scope of work under Theiss’ contract extension will include mining 45 million bank cubic metres (BCM) of waste and coal at Curragh’s North Pit over the next 12 months.

Curragh’s North Pit is located 30 km north of Blackwater, Queensland.

Furthermore, Theiss is to also continue the works under its current contract worth an estimated $1.1 billion valid until 2021.

This includes waste and coal mining truck excavation works, rehandling services for the run of mine, and maintenance of heavy medium earthmoving equipment including the client-owned Bucyrus 495HR2 electric rope shovel.

News of this contract extension comes alongside a recent deal struck with Golding Contractors Pty Ltd (Golding) for O&M services and multiple truck and excavator fleet operation.

Thiess has been delivering works at the Curragh mine mine since 2004. Coronado acquired the mine from Wesfarmers earlier this year for $700 million.


Curragh Mine project

Primary contract awarded
Central Highlands, Qld
$101m – $250m
Golding Contractors Pty Ltd, Coronado Curragh Pty Ltd

Source: Projectory